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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

EGYPT: "Give me a media without concious, and I will give you people without awareness"

Ahmad Moosa on his TV program "على مسئوليتى " (On My Responsibility) lies as usual and as expected from the Junta Media. Appraising the Russian invasion of Syria, he played a video clip showing the Russian bombardment in Syria. The laughable thing is people outside Egypt found that the clip was a total Lie and fabrication since it was taken from a play station game. How desperate the the hypocrite Egyptian government and its media lairs are! 

Egyptian, wake up! You have become the laughingstock the world.

To non-Arabs, this video is broadcasted in Arabic, but the clip in issue is at the very beginning.

 Egyptian Media lying Dogs

 Ahmad Moosa
 Lamees El-Hadidi

 Amr Adeeb
 Wa'el El-Ibrashi

 Tawfeek Ukasha
 Ahmad Sa'ad

 Ibraheem Issa
 All of them

"Give me a media without conscious, and I will give you people without awareness"
 All those dogs
And the ones without awareness 
are those who does not want to 
wake up
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