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Monday, October 12, 2015

RUSSIA/USA: The American Hero says "Let's use Syrian refugees as human shields for our terrorists"

The American Hero says "Let's use Syrian refugees as human shields for our terrorists". Nah, he's not a psychopath or anything, is he?

Posted on October 12, 2015 by willyloman

by Scott Creighton
The American Hero says “Let’s use Syrian refugees as human shields for our terrorists”. Nah, he’s not a psychopath or anything, is he?

He’s got all those pretty little bars on his chest. He can’t be a psychopath, can he? Oh wait…

 Keane, USA
 Mubarak (right), Egypt

 Shah, Iran
 Pinochet, Chile

 Suharto,  Indonesia
 Papa Doc

 al Sisi, Egypt
Francisco Franco, Spain

 Prayut Chan-o-cha, Thailand
 Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentina

 Fulgencio Batista, Cuba
 Fulgencio Batista, Cuba

 Carlos Castillo Armas, Guatemala
 General Castelo Branco, Brazil

 All Criminals
 All Criminals
 All Criminals
 All Criminals

Will the maniacal warmongering never cease in the senate?

A couple days ago (Friday?) a former general and overall policy wonk think-tanker named John M. Keane went before the Senate Armed Services committee (headed by another drooling warmonger named McCain) to lay out a bunch of standardized lies about “Russian aggression” in Syria and Ukraine. His description of what he says happened in Ukraine is exactly what did happen, only, he claims Russia did it and not US Special Operations forces. Cute, huh?

The jist of his message to the senate (which continues today) was that we have to do more to stop Russia from aiding the legitimate government of Syria.

During his prepared warmongering rant, he tossed out ideas like imposing a no-fly zone (shooting down Russian SU-27s I guess) , sending in ground troops to protect our regime change mercenaries from Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and doing something else that I thought might be of interest to folks out there with half a moral left in their bodies: using refugees as human shields to protect our CIA backed “moderate” terrorists.

“Putin has begun a proxy war with the U.S . when Russian combat aircraft struck, continuously, moderate rebel forces trained by the CIA. This was no accident, targets were provided by the Syrian regime and they were accurate. How can the U.S. stand by and do nothing? U.S. military should have been given the mission to retaliate.” John M. Keane

Retaliate? Against whom? Russia? Does this guy really think shooting Russian planes out of the sky on behalf of our CIA terrorists in Syria is a good idea? Is he really that crazy?

During the Q&A segment of his testimony, Mr. Keane floated a rather spine-chilling idea:“If we establish free zones – you know, for moderate opposition forces – but also sanctuaries for refugees, that gets world opinion support rather dramatically. If Putin is going to attack that, then world opinion is definitely against him.  You take this issue right off the table in terms of why he’s in Syria and if you’re doing that [attacking free zones] and contributing to the migration that’s taking place by your aggressive military actions, then world opinion will have some rather – I think – significant impact on himJohn M. Keane

Forget for a second that he’s suggesting hiding terrorists inside groups of refugees (that’s been done to death already)… what he’s saying is that it would be good for global “PR purposes” if Russia accidentally kills a couple hundred refugees.

He’s saying we should use Syrian refugees as human shields to protect the CIA’s regime change terrorists and hope that Putin ends up killing a couple hundred of them because then we would be seen as the good guys.

And the idiot actually said that, on the permanent congressional record.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. after all, Keane helped neocon Fred Kagan write “Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq” which involved a plan for using terrorists and death-squads in Iraq to regain control of the occupied country. Hence the “surge” was born.

What he’s basically saying is this: “Let’s take those families we have displaced from across Syria and let’s ship them over to a camp right next to some of the whacked out Wahhabist terrorists we sent over to terrorize them and when Russia accidentally hits one of the camps, we can use their deaths and suffering to get the world back on our side. And even if they don’ attack them, their presence will protect the very terrorists who chased them out of their homes and destroyed their townsJohn M. Keane kinda

Could you imagine going before congress and saying such a twisted and deplorable thing to those people? Actually asking their permission to do it? In public?

Why don’t they just strap a refugee kid to the hood of all those Special Ops Helix trucks ISIS drives around in? I mean, why the fuck not? Our special friends over in Israel do it.

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