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Thursday, December 17, 2015

EGYPT: One of Sisi's many media dogs

under fire for alleged obscene footage of MP

Dec. 16, 2015 19:30 

CAIRO: Social media uproar has erupted against TV Presenter Ahmed Moussa, accusing him of violating the press charter after broadcasting obscene footages alleging they are of famous film Director Khaled Youssef.

Members of Press Syndicate are  petitioning to refer Moussa to investigations and cancel his membership after his “violation.” Some social media users called on boycotting the Sada el-Balad TV channel and its advertising companies.

During his program “On My responsibility” aired on Sada el-Balad TV channel Monday night, Moussa displayed pictures he claimed they show director Youssef and undressed women engaging in “impropriety.”.

We have lots of pictures,” said Moussa during his show, although he said he is not sure of their authenticity and did not reveal their sources.

Instead, he asked Youssef, who was recently elected as a parliamentarian, to “prove whether the pictures are real or manipulated” and to “acquit himself before the public.

The anchor considered what he did by broadcasting the footage as “professionalism,” justifying this by saying that the media role is to oversee the parliament and its members, “this is our role [media]…we will be after each parliamentarian.

These footages are 100 percent fabricated, but my case is bigger than the pictures,” Parliamentarian Youssef said during a Tuesday interview with Al-Nahar TV Channel.

Youssef continued, “I tell everyone I am not a defendant as long as the prosecution did not charge me.” He added that he has all evidences to prove his innocence, which he will present before the prosecution, and that he will seek the legal route against everyone defamed him.

A lawsuit was filed accusing Youssef of harassing the wife of the dean of the faculty of literature at Alexandria University. This incident is separate from Moussa’s footages, according to accounts by the women’s lawyer to the media.

Why now?Youssef asked during the TV interview, adding that he has been working with movie stars in Egypt and the Arab world for 25 years and “no one has ever accused me of harassment.

Media backlash 

Many journalists and TV presenters harshly directed accusations against Moussa for “giving himself a right he does not owe” by violating personal lives and judging people.

Is this the role of the journalist to broadcast pictures from the personal life of any citizen? Of course, not,” Presenter Ramy Radwan said on TEN TV channel Tuesday. “This is a violation to Article 57 in the constitution that guarantees respect to personal life.

The article says personal data on emails, letters, phone calls and any other mean of communication is “inviolable.

For Anchor Youssef el-Housseiny, he said “I want to know President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s stance on this chaotic scene…why the president is standing in the position of onlooker not actor?

The head of liberties committee at the Press Syndicate, Khaled el-Balshy, noted that there is an “urgent need for adopting laws regulating the media without waiting until the holding of the parliament,” in statements to CBC TV channel.

It is not the first time Moussa is accused of libel. His insults to activists as well as to the January 25 Revolution by describing it as a “conspiracy” resulted in outrage.

Comments on social media leaned to comparisons between Moussa and other presenters who similarly faced public rage after accusations of violating media ethics.

A trial session was set on Nov.25 for the controversial TV anchor Reham Saeed for defaming a victim of assault, by broadcasting private pictures of her claiming she provoked the offender. 

Subsequently, different corporations sponsoring Saeed’s show announced they will no longer advertise in it.

In May 2014, TV presenter Abdel Raheem Ali was acquitted of libel charge after leaking phone calls to prominent activists on his show the “Black Box.” His airing of these recordings attracted wide fears of a return to the old regime policies against opposition.

TV reporter Mona Iraqi has filmed the arrest of 26 men dragged half-naked over charges of “engaging in homosexual prostitution.” Iraqi faced a fierce attack by activists while the men were acquitted in January.

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