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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

EGYPT: Another Phony “ISIS” Video Production Surfaces, This One Involves Egypt… and Oil

Posted on August 5, 2015 by willyloman
by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T canadaslava) 120 British Special Forces soldiers are running around in Syria, dressed in black, driving those US Special Forces pick-up trucks waving the “ISIS” flag, killing whomever…. all so they can “stop ISIS”. yep. That’s the story from Britain. And, oh yeah, they are on loan to the US.

The unorthodox tactic, which is seeing SAS units dressed in black and flying ISIS flags, has been likened to the methods used by the Long Range Desert Group against Rommel’s forces during the Second World War…

Instead the teams, part of a force known as the Coalition Joint Special Operations Task Force, are under American command.

Dubbed “smash” the units, which travel in civilian pick-ups, can even launch their own unmanned aerial vehicles, or mini-drones, to scan terrain ahead of them and pinpoint IS forces.


The Egyptian military needs your help to defeat those pesky Egyptians who don’t like the current dictator! Jump on board the Obama Express to drone the shit out of trouble makers in yet ANOTHER country!

There are two ways to use militant proxy terrorist groups in our Special Forces “unconventional warfare” campaigns. One way is to create chaos in a country where we wish to undermine an unfriendly government (and by “unfriendly” I mean unfriendly to US banking and corporate interests. Current or recent examples of that type of use of unconventional forces would be Syria, or Libya.

The other use of those types of terrorist groups would be in an effort to gin-up support for US military intervention in support of a puppet ruler who is having difficulty keeping the insurgent population from toppling his illegitimate regime. Iraq is a prime example of that technique being applied and even Ukraine may end up going in that direction sometime soon.

Well, we can now add Egypt to that latter list.

Since 2011, the population of Sinai has been involved in an uprising of sorts. Less so when the country was being run by Morsi but when he was illegally removed from office by John Kerry and his henchman thug, al-Sisi, it really kicked off over there. Militants have intensified their attacks on the security forces in the Sinai since the army overthrew former president Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

They say their campaign of violence is in retaliation for a government crackdown on Morsi’s supporters that has killed hundreds and placed thousands behind bars. The army reports daily clashes with the militants in North Sinai. Late last year, Washington delivered 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt to boost its campaign against the Sinai militants The National, March 2015

You might recall, in Iraq the real insurgency isn’t about “ISIS” or creating an Islamic state. That’s a ridiculous fairy tale told to willing consumers who are desperate to see the Shining City on the Hill have a just cause to use more weapons of mass destruction against people any where, any time.

In Iraq, much like in Egypt, a large number of people are fed-up with our puppet rulers imposing our will on their countries at gun point, and so they are fighting back in Sinai. It has nothing to do with “ISIS” or a caliphate, it has to do with brutal dictators killing and imprisoning people who don’t do as they are told and of course leaders like that are usually installed and supported by US intelligence operations. Intelligence operations like “ISIS” for example.

This new video purports to show Tomislav Salopek kneeling on the sand in front of some Egyptian “ISIS” member who is probably actually a member of the Egyptian military. Salopek is an oil industry worker. Specifically, he works for France’s CGG Ardiseis. They run around to newly neoliberalized nations and use expensive equipment to figure out where best to drill and steal the resources of the people of that newly neoliberalized nation. He’s worked in Iraq and Libya to name a few.

Back in February Egypt hosted an oil and natural gas summit where they promised to open up the country to all the foreign energy companies they could. They even recently signed their first fracking contract back in Dec. of last year. At the summit they identified Sinai and the Gulf of Suez as key areas for this booming new neoliberal feeding frenzy.

Key significant petroleum areas in Egypt: Nile Delta, Mediterranean, Eastern and, Western Desert, Sinai, Gulf of Suez, Red Sea.

In December, Egypt signed a $400 million contract to develop gas fields in the Western Desert and the Gulf of Suez. As you may or may not know, the northern bank of the Gulf of Suez is Sinai.

If there is one thing Big Business doesn’t like, it’s instability. They hate to lay out the money for a project just to have it dry up before turning a profit because someone can’t control their indigenous populations.

In Egypt, they have already proven they are having a difficult time pacifying the insurgents in Sinai. So, along comes “ISIS” followed soon enough by President Peace Prize and his special brand of humanitarian bombing.

The fact that this “victim” is an oil industry insider is key to understanding the fraud of all of this; what a joke it is to those running the show. As we saw in several instances with the fake beheading videos of the past, they always seem to pick these guys who are neoliberal opportunists there to help facilitate our unconventional warfare action either in Syria or Iraq. Of course these “victims” are willing participants in the Wag the Dog production because they know their fake murder will help bring about a profitable “CHANGE” even sooner.

In this guy’s case, he’s actually a worker for a company that can’t get to where they want to explore for oil and LNG because the insurgents are in the way. So, he helps make a stupid video and the people of the US get behind President Drone Strike as he does what he does best.

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