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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

EGYPT: Morsi and Sisi's achievements in the balance

ACHIEVEMENTS (The past 365 days under)



1) Breakdown of many human rights in Egypt. The sanctity of human life was squandered with 8,000 killed and 20,000 injured, with the media and even some Islamic scholars belonging to the regime, advocating and encouraging such bloodshed. Egypt has also seen.

2) Abolition of freedoms and rights with 44,000 political prisoners incarcerated in jails, including 48 journalists, and hundreds issued with death sentences in recent months.

3) Closure of television channels and newspapers and the arrest of journalists and students.

4) The country is now among 48 countries worldwide that do not enjoy any freedoms and, according to Freedom House, is regarded as a country which lacks media freedom and freedom of expression; political participation; civilian control and security-sector reform; peaceful assembly and civic activism; and judicial independence and rule of law

Egypt is back to being a police state and the military has full control over all state institutions.

5) Following the coup and before the August massacres, tourism went down by 30 per cent, and went down to zero following the bloodshed in Cairo.

A) when Sisi was asked how he would solve the ongoing power outage problem, he said that citizens should simply buy "energy-conserving lamps."

B) Concerning the bread problem, Sisi, as he literally said in the interview, suggested that "every citizen should save one loaf of bread, and cut it into four pieces."

C) When asked how he would deal with a drop in foreign reserves, Sisi said he would "take dollars from every Egyptian living abroad,"

D) On the employment crisis, Sisi said he would simply "buy a thousand pickup trucks for young men in Obour wholesale market"


E) Concerning their position on the peace treaty with Israel, Sisi said he would honor it and coordinate with Israel to protect borders.
1) Despite the 30 protests that occurred, there was not a single fatality.

2) The law prohibiting the arrest of those expressing opinions was cancelled

3) No longer any such thing as political prisoners.

4) The number of tourists increased during, with Egypt receiving almost seven million tourists in the first half of 2013, injecting $5 million into the economy.

  5) When Morsi became president, foreign oil reserves had reached $14 million following the interim post-revolution military rule; that figure went up to $18.8 million. Shortly after the coup, oil reserves fell to 14.9 million; in one month alone, it fell by $3.9 million.

6) Morsi met with many world leaders, both at home and abroad. He attended the African Union summit where he was welcomed with great respect and was seated on the front row.

7) Two days after the military coup in 2013 the Peace and Security Council of the African Union suspended Egypt's membership. It was readmitted reluctantly following Al-Sisi's presidential "victory", although Sam Akaki, the Director of Democratic Institutions for Poverty Reduction in Africa, has called for the withdrawal of this readmission, citing Al-Sisi's long list of human right abuses. During the recent African Summit, Egypt's Al-Sisi was seated in the third row.

 A) Morsi suggested using alternative energy, including nuclear energy.

B) Morsi, on the other hand, said that his vision includes boosting domestic wheat production and renting parts of Sudanese and Ethiopian lands to plant them in order to conserve water, then separating the production and distribution processes to prevent the smuggling of wheat.

C) Morsi said he would raise tariffs on ships passing through the Suez Canal.

D) Morsi said he would encourage microenterprises, and activate new projects such as the Suez Canal Corridor Development project.

E) Morsi said that Egypt honors its treaties, but also the other side should honor these treaties.

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